martes, 12 de julio de 2022

Microsoft Windows, Linux and Apple MacOS.

Windows, Linux and MacOS are Operating Sistems but there are any differents between they. Windows is of Microsoft and it starts over 1982. MacOS is of Apple and in its start it was named Machintos OS but it has undergone changes and since 2000 it's based in UNICS. Linux is based in UNICS but it is free and it started on 1989 - 1990 with help of the GNU software.

Windows and MacOS are not free, you must to pay if you want to use it. You must to pay but for different modality. Microsoft sell licences of Windows and you can buy the SO for install it in your computer. Apple sell Mac OS and Apple computer (Mac) all bundled together. Linux is free. You can use Linux free thak you to the free movement of GNU and the free software that wants to be free of big corporations like Microsoft or Apple. Linux is represent the hacker culture, all person is free for use their computer like they want.

I'm using Windows, I like Windows and its software. I think that Microsoft do good things and they permit that you can to install any software in your computer. I have never used Mac OS, I think that Apple not let you to be free using your computer. I have used Linux for many things of software programming but I prefer to use Windows for day to day.

Apple sell hardware and software like it would be one thing and for the user are all much more easy, but you pay it. Microsoft can sell any computer with Windows but its bussiness are sell licences for install Windows to others. Linux is free and you can use it if your CPU is compatible.

I prefer Windows or Linux. I don't like Apple, it have the controll of your computer.